How To Winter Maintenance Car

The sudden drop in temperature marks the return of winter: shorter days, cooler temperatures and icy roadways are the characteristics of this season. Here are some tips from Autozona to overcome with tranquility, adversity this season.
With the drop in temperatures it is necessary to check and top up the coolant with antifreeze to prevent the formation of ice. The mixture should be made up of antifreeze and water in the proportion 50-50.

When it rains, the tread depth can make the difference between the control and the vehicle left the road. Make sure that the depth of the surface of adhesion falls, and preferably exceed, the 1.6 millimeters of law.

In summer the heat can weaken the cleaners rubber wiper. To have a clear view make sure that the front and rear brushes sticking to the glass at each point.

Extremes in temperature extremes can weaken the windshield. With the arrival of winter, make sure they are repaired all the cracks to avoid the damage or that it extends the glass may be shattered.

Extremes in temperature extremes can discharge a battery already fatigued. Check the charge and possibly change it … rather than be come one morning to seek the frozen car stopped in a parking lot.

Icy roads and cold reduce tire grip and brake pad efficiency. Unconsolidated and if necessary replace the pads and the discs before the season for maximum braking power in your vehicle

As the windshield, even the front lights are subject to chipping and cracking because of dirt and stones thrown from the roadway. Repair any crack to avoid being in the dark.

Always travel with a warning triangle reflector
Ignition cables for a restart low battery
Windshield scraper and brush to clean
Defroster for the lock (to keep with it, in case of low temperatures).
Warm gloves and waterproof.

• With the arrival of winter and the change in the weather, it must be reconsidered as well as driving style. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures drop and the road can be wet and icy due to fog, rain or sleet. For this you need to get in the car thinking about the change of season and adapting their driving to winter

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