Specifications and Pricing New PEUGEOT 308 GTI

Compact cars of Peugeot were good for many years ago surprises. With pleasure we recall the 205 GTI as Group B monsters. When he had 16 Turbo Trellis frame, four-wheel drive, mid-engine and turbocharger – and up to 520 hp.
30 years after the 205 GTI is the sports department of Peugeot that they still exist. How? With the 308 GTi and the 272 hp 1.6-liter four-cylinder turbo from the RCZ R. This makes the 308 GTi more than most of its competitors: The Seat Leon Cupra has 265 horsepower and the VW Golf GTI Performance on 230 hp and the Renault M├ęgane RS 273 hp. A league about driving Mercedes-AMG A45 with 380 hp, the Ford Focus RS with 350 hp, the Audi RS3 with 367 horsepower and the Honda Civic Type R with 310 hp.


Dual exhaust and 19-inch wheels
The 308 GTI has everything a fast Compact needed. Forged Mahle pistons, connecting rods and other firmer stock to cope with the maximum charge pressure of the twin-scroll turbocharger of 2.5 bar. The fuel pushes up to 200 bar in the combustion chambers, which compression is 9.2:.1
Okay, the twin exhaust system, the 19-inch wheels and 330-millimeter brake system are not necessarily discreet. But other manufacturers make their compact sports much prolliger. The Peugeot remains optically compatible, falls into the broad masses of everyday cars on barely.
PS, NEWTONMETER and charge pressure
Getting in, put on the comfortable sport seats and first caress over the small and supple leather steering wheel. This looks at the red mark to twelve clock pretty good, just like the aluminum pedals, the soft Alcantara leather, the red topstitching and the Spartan center console along with Sport button. By pressing this button, the scale of the speedometer and tachometer turn red.
Strange: The tachometer runs anti-clockwise and counter to Tacho. In between data such as PS, Newton meter and charge pressure appear. Cute gimmick nothing more.

Much more important: The Sport mode also adjusts the engine characteristics. The accelerator identifier coming to a head and the engine sound becomes sharper. The hitherto restrained and sluggish 1.6-liter four-cylinder wakes. Between 1,900 and 5,500 revolutions are 330 newton meters available.
At 6,500 TURNS THUMBS the limiter ON
From 3,000 rpm the Peugeot pushes evenly forward, the driver feels the power of the four-cylinder engine blew up. The force pulls slightly on the direct steering, which can be loose but dominate. The right hand sets quickly the next gear a – otherwise at 6,500 tours intervenes the limiter.
The prior GTi 100. achieved in six seconds tempo With 250 km / h brakes the electronic one the compact.
For an athlete Peugeot sets the switching paths of the six-speed manual transmission from a bit too long. It takes some getting used because a dual clutch transmission does not offer the Frenchman on. For better durability, the engineers modified for the surfaces of gears and shafts – they were tougher.
Prices Starting From 34 950 EURO
The nearly 1.3-ton five-door sweeps on a dry track around the curves like a sports car. At the front, the Torsen differential sits from the RCZ R: 37 percent is the blocking effect when accelerating, 30 percent during braking. Slip comes on only in very tight corners, when liquid and curvy drive the Peugeot bites in the asphalt. To delay certainly from high speeds, coming 380-mm disc brakes and four-piston brake system used.
With the GTi you can take sharp, but you have not. The chassis is tuned comfortable and soft cushions. The NEDC fuel consumption of the 308 GTi is 6.0 liters. In the rather quick drive in the mountains around Porto-board computer showed at the end of the test day to 10.2 liters.
Where is the catch? As so often is the also the 308 GTi: the price. The at least 34,950 Euro is. In order for the Peugeot will cost 4,550 euros more than the 230-hp Golf GTI performance, but offers more standard features like sport seats, LED headlights and Navi. The 350-hp power Focus RS Ford will cost 39,000 euros. The Escort RS-successor has for a much longer tradition than the fast Frenchman.

Engine: 1.6-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with direct injection
Transmission: six-speed manual
Power: 200 kW / 272 hp
Max. Torque: 330 Nm between 1,900 rev / min and 5,500 rev / min
Vmax: 250 km / h
0-100 km / h: 6.0 s
Consumption: 6.0 l / 100 km
CO2: 139 g / km
Exhaust emission standard: EU 6
Length: 4.25 m
Width (with door mirrors): 2.04 m
Height: 1.44 m
Wheelbase: 2.61 m
Trunk size: 420-1205 l
Empty weight: 1395 kg (incl. Driver)
Price: from 34,950 Euro

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